Pilvi™ Cloud Shop handles all the necessities for a SaaS-provider from marketing to onboarding and engaging. With Pilvi you can automatize notifications and emails, manage your customers and contracts and monitor and measure your sales. In addition you can handle the customer support with Pilvi. In other words you are able to sell your SaaS online with Pilvi.


Core features

Onboard new Customers

  • Manage your sales conversion
  • Management interface designed for SaaS providers
  • Automate customer onboarding and service provisioning
  • Recurring payment and subscription billing
  • Support for Resellers

Manage your Business

  • Customer and Subscription management
  • Account Management
  • Multiple product plans
  • Statistics & SaaS metrics
  • Provide Customer Support
  • Minimize Churn
  • Integration to back office (like Pipedrive and Zendesk)

Promote your Services

  • Email marketing
  • Using social media in marketing campaigns
  • Support for discounts
  • Different pricing models
  • Monitor effectiness and use A/B testing to improve your sales
  • Integration to supporting services (like Mailchimp)



Pilvi™is a ecommerce platform designed for selling  SaaS and IaaS services. With Pilvi it’s easy and fast for a software provider to start selling it’s software on their own website. Below you can find the key features.


Manage your SaaS Shop manager to get the most essential metrics and activities from your SaaS shop. Follow new customers and subscriptions or get informed and react to changes in real time.


Design your shop theme and colours. Choose your favourite theme from our templates or create your own. You can modify the layout, styles, colours and fonts at your store.


Manage your SaaS product plans, description and pricing in one platform. Create your personalized product plans and embed them easily to your own website. Use pictures and different Call-to-Action buttons to maximize the conversion from visitor to customer. Use different pricing methods and test if free trial is the best way to get new customers. Pricing on your product can be based on allocation or actual use, users or features.

Create different price plans for different markets and target customers. It’s easy to customize your product cards and create multiple product cards to test the most effective Call-to-Action button or the most attractive key features of your service.


Design your service structure for optimal onboarding. Define the basic process for new customers. Is the first step for a new customer a video or demo from your sales rep, do you provide free trial or are your customers ready to buy and pay without the possibility to test first?

If you already use CRM software like Pipedrive to lead your sales, it’s easy to integrate Pilvi™ Shop in to your sales process to optimize the onboarding for a new customer.


The tools to market your SaaS. With Pilvi™ Shop you can create different marketing campaigns and link them to your social media feeds. You can also activate your Resellers with personalized promotions.


Tool for all your automated messages. Message center includes ready templates for onboarding messages. In addition its easy to activate and engage customers with automated messaging.


The command center for your sales. Manage your customers, subscriptions and sales. Follow the right SaaS metrics and allow your sales and support personnel to manage the subscriptions on behalf of your most valued customers.


Manage your Resellers. Create reseller accounts and manage their usage and allocated capacity. Provide the easiest way for your resellers to activate and manage new subscriptions and to promote their own services.


The SaaS analytics center. Follow the most valuable metrics in your SaaS business in one place. React to the increase in churn or changes in MRR. Follow the expected lifetime value of your customer or add your sales costs to see if your customer acquisition cost is in the accepted limits.


Manage all the settings and Integrations of your SaaS shop in one place. In addition you can modify the different settings of your store around the store.

Integrate your own SaaS to our platform to provide automated delivery for your customers. In addition its only one click away to integrate Stripe to handle your recurring payments. In addition you can integrate different services like Mailchimp, Pipedrive and Zendesk to your store to get most out of your online sales channel.


Manage your online payments in one place. If you need to handle recurring billing with credit cards or e-payments with different back or if you want to send invoices to your customers. You can handle these all in one place. 


Is your SaaS product ready and waiting for new customers? Create automated onboarding with Pilvi Shop and start selling your SaaS in a hour. If you’re still not sure how to get started you are more than welcome to contact us.

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