Plans and Prices

Pilvi™ Cloud Shop for SaaS -platform is developed to ease the developers pain on selling their SaaS software on their own website. Pilvi is available in four different versions. Can’t pick one? Contact us and we’ll help you.

Pilvi™ Startup

Pilvi ™ Startup is a version of the application meant for small and beginner SaaS companies. You can use it to initiate trial processes and sales (try & buy) quickly and cheaply with a fixed monthly fee. Includes all the sales features required at the beginning of SaaS development.

PILVI™ Gazelle

Pilvi ™ Gazelle is a solution for starting or improving online sales. It is the best and most comprehensive solution on the market when it comes to online sales of SaaS products. It includes all the features of an online store, tailored to the SaaS business. Trials, sales, additional sales, customer management, and metrics – all you need in the same package, with a single monthly fee.

PILVI™ Reseller

Pilvi ™ Reseller includes all of the features in Gazelle. In addition, it supports a large product structure and enables the resale stage also for online sales. Agents or resellers can sell your product (as before), but you can still achieve fully automated sales. Retailers see the information of their customers and their own sales, you see everything, and you also manage payments to dealers with the same system.